Ermita Bars - A-GoGo Bars - GoGo Bars - Girlie Bars - Bikini Bars
Virtual tour of the adult entertainment areas around MH del Pila and Mabini streets Philippines

Ermita Bars - A-GoGo Bars - GoGo Bars - Girlie Bars - Bikini Bars
Information on Ermita Bars, both past and present, and the wonderful
Filipina girls that worked in them that once made Ermita one of the
world’s top adult entertainment destinations.


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Old Ermita Photos
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For decades Ermita entertained visitors and locals alike with its many fine Restaurants, Live Music venues, Night clubs, and
what was simply called “the bars” The bars also known as A-GoGo Bars or just GoGo Bars, Girlie Bars and Bikini Bars
were located along the main entertainment areas of MH Del Pilar and Mabini Streets. 

In the bars men could have a cold drink while watching scantly clad Filipinas dancing on a stage. These beautiful Filipina girls could be enticed down to sit next to you for the price of a “ladies drink”, and with further negotiation and a small fee or fine
(bar fine) paid to the bar they would leave with you.

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New Ermita Bars

 LA Cafe   G-Spot Bar   Jurassic Bar   AmaZonia Bar   Hussys Bar   Butterfly Bar Ermita 

Old Ermita Bars

 New Bangkok Bar   St Moritz Bar & Club   Firehouse Bar   Australian Club   Pitstop Bar   Visions Bar   Super Star Bar   Chaplins Bar   Las Vegas Bar   88 Olympic Club   Riviera Bar   Bloomers Bar   Aussie Club   Roller Bar   BlackOut Bar   Den Rose Club   Pussycat Bar   Pips Club   Bubbles Club   Shampoo Bar   Black Stallion Bar   Cheries Club   Blue Hawaii Bar   Polynesian Paradise Bar   Flames Bar   Ceasers Bar   Love Birds Bar   Gordons Bar   Bee Club   Bird Cage Bar   Brown Sugar Bar   Cockatoo Bar   Cotton Club   Josies Pride Bar   Un-Named Bar 

Origin and History of Ermita

Originally known as "Lagyo" the area was a fishing village prior to the arrival of the Spaniards.

In 1591, a chapel was constructed for Nuestra Señora de Guia. A Mexican hermit arrived in the place and lived in the chapel and people referred to it as "La Ermita".

When the Spaniards moved out of Intramuros, they integrated with the Indios in Ermita and adjacent Malate.

These eventually became fashionable residential areas in the Spanish era to the American era.

This photo taken in 1901 shows that the Ermita Fish Market continued to operate into the early twentieth century.

In the 1950s Ermita was in decline as a fashionable residential area and was beginning to transform into an entertainment district.

By the 1970s and 1980s it had become a major Tourist and Adult entertainment destination with excellent Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs and more than one hundred Bars. There were also markets selling native products and souvenirs.

In the late 1980s General Lim was elected Mayor of Ermita and promised to clean it up. Many believe his actual motive was to transform it into a new financial centre to replace Hong Kong with its impending hand back to China.

He was successful in closing down all the bars and in the process bankrupting most of the other supporting businesses including Hotels and Restaurants.

Ermita did not find a new purpose after the “clean up” and has become just another slum area of Manila with derelict buildings, increased street crime, and even more beggars and ironically prostitution continues in now uncontrolled streets.

There is however a glimmer of hope in the revival of Ermita. The centre of this potential revival is the LA Café which opened in 1999 where the old Rosie’s Diner was. Inside are wall to wall “Freelance” girls all ready to make new friends.
Check out
LA Cafe

In 2002 a Philippines Court ruled that the General Lim’s closure of the Bars of Ermita was un-lawful. Thus the impedance to re-opening bars in Ermita has been removed.

Return of Dancers to Ermita

The exciting news in 2004 was the opening of the Jurasic Bar at 1505 M.H. Del Pilar St opposite the LA Café. This bar actually relocated and has the same owners as the LA Café but it is the mezzanine level with its rows of bikini style dancers that is encouraging.
Check out
Jurasic Bar

The latest bar to open is Butterfly Bar next to Amazonia (same owners). This is an Angels style bar like the Ermita bars of old with Gogo dancers Check out Butterfly Bar

Ermita Bars Today

The action in Ermita never totally disappeared and there are positive indications that Ermita is making a come back as an Adult Entertainment destination.

In 1999 the LA Café opened and has been a huge success as a 24 hour venue where you can meet FREE Lance girls.

In April 2004 the Jurasic Bar relocated to the corner opposite the LA Café and the most exciting thing about this is that it features Bikini type dancers.

In June 2004 a new freelance bar opened called the Amazonia Bar.
Check out
Amazonia Bar.

Hopefully this is just the first in a rebirth of Ermita. 

MAPS of Ermita

As part of building a virtual tour of Ermita we are compiling a collection of old maps of Ermita. Check out our Ermita Bar Area Map Collection

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The Old Bars of Ermita

It’s been more than decade since the closure of bar district of Ermita. I recently took a stroll down what has become a ghost town.

Once a vibrant hub of activity now it is looking like a slum area.  I feel sad when contrasting the Ermita of today with that from the happy memories of the 80s.

I have been searching the net for any sites on Ermita and found very little information. This surprised me somewhat because for so long it touched so many people’s lives. I know people are interested because I have reminisced with many other veterans.

The Ermita Project

I decided that I would create a Virtual tour of the old Ermita to preserve for posterity the phenomena that was Ermita.

I wanted to create this site using photos but actually have very few myself (was too busy enjoying the sites to have time to record them).

I was also never one to fraternise with bar owners and operators so I know very little about the personalities that ran the bars of Ermita.

The Ermita Project is a project to create an online virtual tour the Ermita Red Light district of the 80s. If you remember the bars of Mabini and M.H.del Pila then you can help create this Virtual Tour .

How you can Help

If you were there and have even a few photo’s or bar names to contribute it will help in this project to record for post erity the wonderful memories of Ermita.

We are looking for contributions on this or any other bar in Ermita including:

  • Infromation
  • Stories
  • Pictures of bars (outside)
  • Pictures of bars (inside)
  • Pictures of bargirls

Click here find out
how to contribute

List of Old Ermita Bars

  • New Bangkok Bar
  • St Moritz Bar & Club
  • Firehouse Bar
  • Australian Club
  • Pitstop Bar
  • Superstar Bar
  • Chaplins Bar
  • Las Vegas Bar
  • 88 Olympic Club
  • Riviera Bar
  • Bloomers Bar
  • Aussie Club
  • Roller Bar
  • BlackOut Bar
  • Den Rose Club
  • Pussycat Bar
  • Pips Club
  • Bubbles Club
  • Shampoo Bar
  • Black Stallion Bar
  • Cheries Club
  • Blue Hawaii Bar
  • Polynesian Paradise Bar
  • Flames Bar
  • Cearsers Bar


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